Recite the Prayer by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai on Lag Baomer

This prayer by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai (known by the acrostic the Rashb”i) is recorded in the Zohar (Part II, 206) and is recited every time we take the Torah from the Ark. Aside from addressing the grandeur of G-d and pleading for compassion and mercy, it focuses on parnassa (livelihood), arichas yomim (long life) and blessed, honest and good children.

Please recite it on Lag Baomer, focusing word by word, for that day is the hilula (anniversary of the passing of the Rashb”i). Moreover, in Bechoros 31b, Rabbi Yochanan quotes the Rashb”i: Any talmid chacham (Torah scholar) in whose name a Torah matter is quoted in this world, his lips mouth the words in the grave – as though he were speaking! How meaningful is this for one who recites the Brich Shmei prayer in Meron at the tomb of the Rashb”i.

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