Amazing Study Regimen

Even to regular Talmud scholars, a program that enables one to complete a thorough study of Shas on an annual basis, is not readily appreciable. The amount of material to be completed daily is simply daunting.

The Study Load

To keep up with the pace to complete the entire Shas in a year, the avreichim need to study 8 blatt (folios – both sides of a page of the Talmud) with Rashi and Tosfos, every day. This translates into 48 blatt a week, 225 blatt a month and 2711 blatt a year! The daily regimen follows the following pattern:

  • Iyun Shas – 1 blatt b’iyun with Rishonim per a special program
  • Shinun Shas – 4/5 blatt in a chaburah in pilpul and iyun
  • Chazoras Hashas – 3 blatt in bekius and chazora outside program hours

However, to master the information and to know it all by heart, there has to be constant review. Each of the eight daily folios is reviewed an average of 5 times each day, and then there is further regular revision to assist the talmidei chochamim to prepare for the detailed monthly examinations – orally and in writing!

Hours and Hours

To accomplish this, each of these scholars must study for many hours outside of the Shas Yiden framework – 7 days a week, 30 days a month, 365 days a year – including erev Shabbos and erev Yom Tov, as well as Shabbos and Yom Tov. The pace must be maintained even on days when their families have a simcha. It is clear to them that any slippage or delay in the day’s study quota does not absolve them. Thus, if a day is missed, the individual will be faced with having to learn between 14 and 16 blatt the following day! The Shas Yiden program has a study support system that closely guides and monitors their daily progress. In addition to the incredible workload of so many hours daily, Shas Yiden is different from other kollelim throughout the world – there is no bein hazmanim – vacations. The result is the demanding pace to complete the entire Shas in the period of a year entails 160 more days of study per year! The Shas Yiden avreichim, individually and as a group, are unique in the Torah world. The commitment to their study is one shared by their entire families.

The Tests

To achieve the aim of becoming a Shas Yid, the hanhala of Shas Yiden focuses on a program that is defined and has strict guidelines. These include an enormous amount of chazora (review) on all the pages that have been learned daily. At the same time, the hanhala ensures that the study should not be superficial, in terms of the dictum: "If you acquire too much, you’ve acquired nothing". All the participants must complete written summaries of what they study. Thus, ensuring that all is mastered by the time they sit for the all-encompassing examination on the 225 blatt of that month.


The monthly test covers 2 – 8 masechtos, and a siyum on all those masechtos is celebrated every other Rosh Chodesh. These siyumim are attended by Gedolim, Rosh Yeshivas, Dayonim and Rabbonim who well appreciate the many personal sacrifices involved in the quest to become Shas Yiden.

“These special avreichim have in this world the four amos of halacha, and it is known that they study Torah under difficult physical circumstances, but they do so diligently.”

Harav Michel Yehudah Lefkowitz zt”l

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