Shas Yiden Mission Statement

  • To revive and popularize learning of the entire Shas
  • To develop a proven method to complete Shas every year
  • To create a cadre of talmidei chachomim – true Shas Yiden of the upcoming generation
  • To be the ‘flagship’ for proficiency in the entire Shas (with all Rashi and Tosfos) – b’al peh
  • To continue establishing other Shas Yiden centers
  • To foster this concept and the Shas Yiden method across the Torah World

Letter from Rabbi Belsky, zt"l

“The vastness of the breadth and depth of the Torah learned at Shas Yiden has no compare in the entire world!”

Hagaon Harav Nissan Kaplan, Rosh Hayeshivah Dass Aaron

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